Dipping your toe into shark-infested Sales and Marketing waters for the first time?

…where to begin?

Have you (ahem) told your customers about your business?

Often, new businesses assume that customers just know what they sell. But how do they know? Did anyone tell them?

Hi, I’m Sam – a copywriter. My job is to explain why your name should be on everyone’s lips when they think of oooh, let’s say purple widgets. Everyone knows your company’s purple widgets are the best – why? because you told them so!

There’s a truism in business, ‘Keep Showing Up’. So if your business regularly shows up in print and online to explain just how and why your widgets are the best – your customers WILL start paying attention.

Whether you need a purple widget newsletter or general marketing collateral,  promotional writing spells out your business’ benefits 24/7. Classic written marketing tools are:

  • articles
  • user manuals
  • business blogs
  • website copy
  • brochures
  • advertising
  • company profiles
  • press releases
  • and sales letters.

…to explain how your purple widgets save everyone time, money and hassle.

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