Start Here ..

if you’d like to know how a copywriter gets started.

This is all because, a while back I came across a book called “The Well-Fed Writer” by Pete Bowerman.  He wrote about how he became a self-employed freelance copywriter – and how easy it was.

I take the word, “easy” with a pinch of salt because I believe self-employment is a hard option. That said, I was stuck at home with two young children and had more to gain than lose.

I started by studying the works of the advertising “greats” – like John Caples, David Ogilvy and Leo Burnett (amongst others). This didn’t teach me how to write, but it did explain some advertising and marketing basics like AIDA.  After that, I started this blog, went to networking events, talked to people and gained enough confidence to get going.

The writing part is easy(ish), but finding work is much harder.  So, to do just that, I also decided to learn journalism – I can do both but …

Pete Bowerman also mentions offering one’s writing skills to a local charity – it’s a great way of building contacts and leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling.

That book is how Sam Horsey Copywriting came about – through persistence, a near idiotic amount of self-belief and the faintest whiff of writing ability.

So, I’m now a freelance copywriter, trainee journalist and communications consultant because:

  1. if you need advertising copy written for your business or,
  2. you’ve got a story to tell the  local press and need a press release written, or
  3. you’re starting a business and need moral support –

I’m here. My email is or phone me on 07549 031533.


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