Why your Business needs a Copywriter

Time. Got Enough?

FEAR# Lack of time#Time is money#

Are you managing your time efficiently? Accomplishing tasks? Prioritising your workload?

Lack of time eats into productivity, leaving a business lurching from one crisis to another, not recognising where the problem lies and dealing with it. One of those problems is, particularly for smaller companies, is knowing when to stop trying to do everything and hiring assistance, biting the bullet and getting help.

For SME’s, worries about getting the right staff is crucial to business success, because ‘Time is Money’ and spending time on unproductive activities is unproductive and costly.

  • skilled workers who just get on with the work without the hand-holding.


Skilled professionals with up-to-the-minute experience are highly sought after, with good reason.

In the current business climate, intermittent work When you spend too much time on low-level, frequent jobs, it’s time to outsource and get on with running the business.

By using a copywriting professional with expertise in marketing and advertising, a business will develop, expand and become recognised in it’s field.

Online, in print, radio, television, marketing flyers, sponsorship or word-of-mouth – define your product’s benefits clearly.

Spell out what your business offers through: articles, user manuals, business blogs, website copy, brochures, advertising, company profiles, press releases, sales letters to get your company’s message to the client. A writing professional will:

  1. listen to your brief and write promotional literature.
  2. Work on a permanent or freelance contract.
  3. Often work with graphic designers or photographers as part of a creative team.
  4. Work on several advertising campaigns at the same time.
  5. Monitor the effectiveness of campaigns.

Marketing campaigns drive up revenue by researching the target audience, explain customer benefits, make each customer communication stand on it’s own & be part of an on-going storyline, test why specific adverts appeal to customers, project manage marketing plans. Can your  company afford NOT to hire a copywriter?

In short, copywriting is part of a company’s selling process.

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