Now THAT’S Customer Service!

What reaction do we want from our customers when they see our logo?

Positive, hopefully. We want them to feel that they’re in good hands, they know they’re going to get good service.

They know it’ll be on time and within budget. If not, they know there will be a reasonable explanation and that, if necessary, it’ll be a meaningful transaction between buyer and seller. Otherwise it’s just another sale – and we can get that anywhere.

In my mind, to raise a sale from functional to exceptional, I like to be kept informed about what’s going on with that business.  Not every day obviously – I’m not that interested.  Just now and then, some news would be nice. That way I can rejoice with them in their good times and commiserate in the bad.

Obviously, that business and I need to build a relationship first.  On the face of it, it seems easy – I pay for goods and the business provides them. Job done.

Not quite.

Now is the time for this business to start building a relationship with me by asking if I’d like to be kept up to date with the company’s latest information? Subscribe to their newsletter? Or see some blogs on their website?  All this can be done just by handing me their business card.

Many businesses are squeamish about doing this – there’s no reason to be.  The business wants me back and they’d like me to provide a glowing reference, preferably spelling out what this business has done differently (and better) than their competitors.

Quick story.  I went to a networking event last week.  It was fairly interesting, so I thought I might go to a few more.  I passed on my email address and asked for future updates.  Since then, I’ve heard nothing.  No, “Hi Sam, it was nice to see you at our event.  Hope to see you again soon”.

Nada.  Zip.  I was given exactly what I paid for and nothing more.

On the other hand, after buying something online the other week, I received some vouchers,  fridge magnets and very clear instructions on how to contact the company if the product wasn’t absolutely to my liking.

Now, I have no intention of using those vouchers or fridge magnets, so you may think they were a waste of money for the company.  Not at all.  I now remember that company fondly because they went the extra mile – and I’d happily use them again. Hell, I’d even provide a testimonial if they asked for one.

That is how to do business (though I’ll keep their contact details just in case ….)

Sam Horsey is a freelance journalist and blogger. To contact her phone: 07549 031533 or email:


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