Bid Proposal

Proposal to add historical information to pub interior.


This public house sits in front of a 13th century medieval landing jetty and beside a 17th century building known as The Counting House.  Currently, there is no link between these buildings to highlight the marketing possibilities available to the public house as a stand-alone business and the charity beside it.

Proposed Solution:

This pub could have tasteful, informative pictures and short historical information on it’s walls, not only of itself, but also the medieval jetty behind it and the 17th century Counting House beside it. This is a cost effective method of highlighting the pub’s historical context and that of it’s neighbours.

This would involve obtaining pictures and copywritten historical information about all three buildings: the pub itself, the 17th century counting house and the 13th century warehouse. An estimate of the costs involved are:

Copywriter £

Picture Frames £

Thank you for considering this proposal and Sam Horsey Copywriting looks forward to working with you.

Yours sincerely,

Sam Horsey