Need marketing material?
If you’re a bit squeamish or just plain too busy to pick up the phone, no problem. Email me on sam.h@gmx.com and you can ask any questions in writing.

Otherwise, phone me on 07549 031533 and we’ll  pin down exactly what you want. If possible, I like to have a meeting with the relevant stakeholders before creating your marketing material.

How much do you charge?
If it’s a quick sales letter, not very much. If it takes longer, it’ll cost more. However, I will be clear from the beginning of your project, how long I think the job will take – it depends on how much work is involved.

How do you charge?
If it’s a large or small project – by the job. A price is agreed beforehand and the work is delivered on time and on budget. I charge the current copywriter hourly rate for all work.

Are there any sectors you avoid?
No. Like most copywriters, I do enjoy research – but research doesn’t make me an expert in every field. My job is to communicate your  message to your  audience, succinctly and clearly.

Can you be trusted to represent my company?
Copywriters don’t stay in work if we can’t be trusted to ‘sound professional’. We also make a lot of noise about ‘tone of voice’. With good reason. You need your customers to feel that you’re trustworthy and will do as you say.

When do you expect payment?
If we’ve worked together before, I will be flexible. However, if this is the start of our working relationship, I go by the book.
I ask for 50% of the fee upfront, particularly when dealing with a new client and, depending on the size of the project, will invoice again at the halfway mark, before submitting the final invoice as soon as the project is signed off.