Graphic Design

Can’t tear your eyes away from a picture? Keep going back to it again and again?

You’ve just been Graphic Designer’d.

Graphic design promotes products through bright colours, illustrations, typography and page layouts.

Used in logos, advertising, web design and packaging; good graphic designs can sell anything from company literature to books and magazines.

In 1977, renowned graphic designer Milton Glaser created the famous “I ‘heart’ NY” logo, which has since become an instantly recognisable worldwide icon, said it was “wonderful” that people chose to copy and modify his original design.

After the World Trade Center was hit during the September the 11th terrorist attacks, Glaser modified the design to include a black spot on the heart, roughly equivalent to where the World Trade Center had stood on Manhattan Island and the text was changed to ‘I heart NY More Than Ever’.

In 2009, Milton Glaser was the first graphic designer to receive the National Medal of Arts, for his outstanding achievements.