Mister C’s highlights sustainable fishing to local schoolchildren.

Local fish and chip shop, Mister C’s celebrates it’s commitment to sustainable fishing through teaching school children about the fish they eat.


On Wednesday 25th November, Mr C’s award-winning fish & chip shop in Selby conducted a workshop for 60 Key Stage 2 pupils at Wistow Primary School to explain the importance of sustainability in the fishing industry.


The children were fascinated by the fresh fish Mister C’s brought with them and were delighted by the session, which explained what happens when fishermen take too many fish – resulting in over-fishing.  With the introduction of fishing quotas though, the fishing industry is confident that, with sustainable fishing measures in place, fish stocks will increase from the currently estimated 20 years supply.


Mister C’s staff also asked the schoolchildren to weigh the fat content of different fast foods and compare them to a plate of fish and chips to decide which is the healthiest option. At the end of the session, one of the children said, “I didn’t realise that Fish and Chips were the healthiest take away around”.


Wistow Primary headteacher, Sarah Langridge called the visit a “swimming success”!  She said, “it was a great experience for the children and one I am sure they will think about when tucking into their favourite healthiest takeaway from Mister C’s”.


The children also came away with a fishy fact sheet and a competition to enter.  Mister C will pick 6 winners (3 from each class), which will be shown on Mister C’s facebook page at Competition Winners


Significantly, Mister C’s are MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified, meaning they only buy fish from well-managed, sustainable fisheries, which can trace their seafood back through a supply chain to an MSC certified fishery.  Mister C’s knows which trawler caught the fish, the fish that’s been caught and the person who packed  it.  So there is complete traceability for each fish that this excellent chippy puts onto a plate of fish and chips.


Wistow Primary head wrote, “As headteacher I would like to thank Mister C and his team for giving up their time to come and share their knowledge with our children – it was a great session.”