Why you do what you do

I had an email from a copywriter the other day (@Chris_Kenworthy – if you haven’t heard of Chris’ twitter ramblings, read it, he’s good), in which Chris added a link to a TED talk.  Now, I’ve only ever heard about TED talks before, but never seen one.

So, let’s do this in the correct order – here’s the link TED and, despite many attempts, I can’t join their mailing list.  Grrr!

Have you watched it? Good.

So, the question is “Why”.

Not “Why?” Big difference.

Why – do you try and build a business over and over again when nobody else cares.  Why – do you believe in what you’re doing,  be it in your business, yourself, your children/latest invention/dog/cat or whatever. As Simon Sinek asks, Why does your business EXIST? Why do you do things differently (actually that’s more of a How? question). Why do you think you’re different and better than the guy down the road?

Because you believe in yourself. You truly believe that you can make a difference to the world through your own efforts. Day after day, you can blow the next guy out of the water because …

Aaah, back to “why” again. Your USP? Good market conditions? Fantastic backers?

Nope. It’s down to you. Every day you have to get out of bed and inspire yourself to be the best at what you do, because you believe in what you do.

I believe I’m a good copywriter.  I also believe there are others who are better and some, worse. There are some who are way above my talent because they are a) blessed by the gods, or b) just worked at it, day after day, year after year – because they love writing and got good at it along the way. There are also those whose writing makes me wince in pain.

It doesn’t matter.

I believe enough in what I do, to work at it – day in, day out. Whether I’m paid, or not. Because otherwise my dream won’t happen. When Dick Bolles wrote his book “What color is your parachute?” about changing your life through doing what you’re good at, he wrote that (I’ll paraphrase a bit), you just have to believe that you’re doing is your calling …your vocation. Using the gift that the universe has bestowed upon you.

That is “why”.

Have you found your gift yet? Or still looking?  Tell me how you’re getting on by sharing a comment.